7mm Mariette Pinfire Revolver

Picked up this 7mm Mariette Pinfire Revolver at the Ohio Gun Collectors Association show a few weeks ago.


NICE! That’s a typical Mariette design - I have two of them - the thumb-wheel on the bottom of the frame and the sliding barrel assembly. An ingenious way to get around the Lefaucheux patent. Much the same happened in the US with gun makers trying to get around S&W’s Rollin White patent.
That’s an odd front sight - I suppose you can lower it by tilting it backwards??

Yeah I have another one that’s slightly different too.

The front sight does not move and there is a little slit/rear site built into the hammer.

Very nice pinfire revolver, I collect more than 30 years pinfire Ammo and weapons, never see this model before. Beautiful rare item.

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Très belle pièce que je ne connaissais que par les ouvrages spécialisés.

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vidéo très explicite