Another 7mm Mariette Pinfire Revolver

Here is the other 7mm Mariette Pinfire Revolver I have. The condition is not as good as the other but it is a different variation.

And for reference, here is the other one:

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very nice, Aaron. Question - how do you take such nice pictures? How do you get the lighting so perfect and no shadows on the background?

Here are two of my own Mariette revolvers: both are 12mm pin fire, the one with bone grips is marked “Merolla Napoli”.


For the pictures, I basically follow the exact same instructions that I wrote about in this blog post:

I hang these from the ceiling with clear fishing line and have a pulley system to adjust the height easily.

Other times on other guns I have used a vice that is out of the picture holding a long metal rod wrapped in white paper, shoved down the barrel, to again suspend it so I don’t have to worry about the shadows.

And you would need an actual studio similar to the one I mention in that blog post too to have that continuous white background.

Thank you for these tips. Man, you really go all out - I’ll have to consider that. I don’t have much room to hang things from the ceiling but I think I could construct a collapsible scaffold to hang them from. Hmm…

This studio really is fantastic too. It is plenty big enough for any of your pistols.