Interesting single shot pinfire for sale

There is something interesting about this I think? The Key looks similar to me to the early Casimir Lefaucheux styles.

He will not ship internationally to me though.

If you need help to buy it ?

For me,not a Casimir Lefaucheux.
I will you show keys of early Casimir Lefaucheux.

I totally agree with fusilLF

Yes it does not look like Casimir but it definitely looks early

Looks like a modified Gaubert lock or something like that …

it’s not an original shotgun , it is modified, made with unlike shotgun parts.

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Well now we know where all of the Casimir Lefaucheux shotguns have gone!! :smile:

not all :grinning:
The first and the fourth have a big key.They don’t hold well in hand, “not pleasant”.But that’s not the main thing. The main thing : everyone had to see that you had a Lefaucheux!

You just need a forward grip!!

or I can cut it :grinning:

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