Maison Lefaucheux cased shotgun

This gun is about 4x too expensive but it is nice to look at!


beautiful but the price! I don’t know if the case is signed by Lefaucheux (I don’t think)? stock was repaired…
a same model , 1849 patent:

LF 1997 is between 1853 and 1855, and that is after the death of Casimir in 1852.
So this case has been made by his wife and Eugène because in 1853-1854 he is still working with his mother. He is leaving the 37 rue vivienne in 1855/1856.

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pour la date, je ne me prononcerais pas, car on peut voir le poinçon de St Etienne utilisé à partir de 1856 (normalement). Une fabrication avant cette date n’est donc pas incohérente.

t’a parfaitement raison, les lignes bougent…