Some 7mm pinfire cartridge boxes

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I love the German blanks and the grape shot. Even the labels are works of art. US made pin fire ammo is really rare, is it not?

The American made ones are definitely a little less common.

Union Metallic Cartridge Company actually made pinfire cartridges here for about 50 years.

There even more rare ones are by Christian Sharps, C.D. Leet and Allen & Wheelock as they were a little earlier and made for the American Civil War. I wrote about some of these in the International Ammunition Association Journal. Maybe I will repost them on here soon.

They are in here too:

Great boxes Aaron, I only have 3 of them.
Always a pleasure to see Pinfire boxes from Europe.
I will see what I can provide later on.

magnifique collection de boites, sont-elles complètes ??

I have about 200 boxes. Many are full and many are empty.

Are there any particular countries or manufactures you would like to see examples of?

I believe this is a fairly common box, but it is the only one I have. The artwork and graphics are always fascinating and show that packaging is always a product of the times.

These 7mm tins came in bricks of 4!

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