The book about Eugène Lefaucheux in English

Forthcoming :

Eugene Gabriel Lefaucheux

Nineteenth-Century Arms Manufacturer in Paris and Liège.

The new book about Eugène Lefaucheux by Guillaume van Mastrigt and Arie Slingerland.

After publishing two books about Eugène Lefaucheux with the publisher Crépin-Leblond in 2013 and 2016, I received a lot of requests for an English version of the work. This request came mainly from the Nordic and English-speaking countries.

After multiple discussions with my Dutch friend, Arie Slingerland, we decided to start a whole new project together; since our research, and former publications, we had accumulated a lot of new facts, discoveries and elements on Eugène Lefaucheux; a new book became obvious.

The language barrier was overcome with the help of the American teacher of foreign languages ​​Benjamin Holt teaching at the University of Lille, who corrected our texts and converted them into coherent English. This collaboration underlines the quality of this new book. We thank him very much for his high level of involvement.

The result is this book which is currently in press and should be forthcoming around the 21st of September 2021. A pre-order is already possible by contacting me through the e-mail address below.

Over 270 paperback pages, A4 format, 300 photos and hardcover.

In this reference book, you will find everything about the character of Eugène Lefaucheux, his life and his works. It will allow you to identify, date and evaluate your Lefaucheux revolvers, pistols, carbines and shotguns for their quality. You will find both the description of the standard versions of the products, exceptional and unique pieces. A complete index of sources and names is also included.

The first edition of this book will be limited to 250 copies dated and signed by its authors.

If you want to be part of the adventure, it is possible to order the book now for € 39.90 + shipping costs (depending on the country).

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Salut Guillaume,
bonne nouvelle! je t’en prends un ,tu me le traduis en français :slight_smile:

Ils existent déjà depuis 2013 et 2016 mais différent


Looking forward to it!! :tada:

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Hi Guillaume
It looks great!!!
How can I pre order it?

yes of course, in which country do you live, in order to be able to calculate the sendings?


I’m located in the U.S. and I would like to pre-order the new Lefaucheux book in English.

Thank you

Madrid, Spain


replied by PM


My friend Arie holds the precious book on the history of Lefaucheux in his hands.
A book weighing more than 1.3 kg.
I will send pre-orders (paid) in the coming days


The first ones were posted today …

Received today the Book!!! Looks fantastic. Thanks much Guillaume.


Hello, I would like to purchase a copy of this book. I live in Ohio, USA. Please message me payment information. Thank you.

After the US - SPAIN - AUSTRALIA - ENGLAND - NORWAY - NETHERLANDS and FRANCE, we are over a 100 books …and you, did you orderd yours ?

100 books= 100 friends?

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Arrived today and great quality. Lots of reading to do. Ron.

Unites States
United Kingdom
France …
And you ?

Merci beaucoup.

Le nouveau livre est arrivé dans le Michigan et je l’ai vraiment apprécié. Excellentes images. Les informations sont bien organisées. Les différents types d’armes à feu sont très bien expliqués. Mais aussi, le livre donne un aperçu des événements culturels, familiaux, politiques et historiques qui ont façonné la fortune de cet homme et de ses armes remarquables.


Thank you so much.

The new book arrived in Michigan and I really enjoyed it. Excellent images. The information is well organized. The different types of firearms are very well explained. But also, the book provides insight into the cultural, family, political and historical events that shaped the fortune of this man and his remarkable weapons.


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When a Lefaucheux 9 mm revolver-carbine 20-shot meet its picture in a book …

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I can play this game too!

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